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Top Down

It All Begins With a Smile and the Offer of a Coffee

TOP DOWN is a concept that is very different to the traditional views of accountants.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have been asked to explain what a Profit and Loss Statement is intended to convey. And then of the number of times I’ve heard the comment, ”That’s all the profit I’ve made? Where did all the money go?”. Or “why do I keep on running this business?”

Figuring Top Down OutSo I decided to create a presentation that at least attempts to explain how a reader might interpret the information their Profit and Loss Statement contains for their own purposes. No easy task sometimes

Then knowing that I was going to be asked “those other questions”, I decided to turn the whole thing upside down and begin by asking a different question….

“How much profit do you want to make?”

That produces a whole other reaction. Often the answer I get is, “Heck, as much as I can get, I suppose”. Not much help, but it does allow me to talk about the person’s hopes and aspirations. To get a feel for what they mean by “as much as I can”.

Top Down John Harmer OnlineAnd so, my signature product,Top Down was born. Since then, I have used it when speaking with clients and others. I have presented it to groups of business owners, other professionals, and clubs and organisations when they needed a guest speaker.

Each time, I was greeted with almost the same response. “Gee, John, that makes all the sense in the world. Why didn’t my own CPA tell me this?” Now I can’t answer that last question because I don’t know their CPA.  Yet is is such an obvious question, isn’t it?

Elsewhere on this website you will find a link to where you can grab your own copy of my Top Down product. Or  Get It Here

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