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The Governator’s Six Steps to Success in Life and Business…Make Them Yours

When I was looking out for this weekend’s motivational video I came across this one from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now we all know that Arnie has made some godawful movies in his time. But not this one. In less than 5 minutes, Arnie gives is his 6 steps to success. Now he is talking about life success but they can be esily applied to our business success too.

As I was reviewing the movie, I took a quick look at some of the comments made by other viewers. I was amazed by some of them. Here’s a video about creating personal life success and I read one comment that it didn’t work to help lose weight. Of course it won’t. It’s not a weight loss video. Yet if you apply the 6 steps you will find a way to lose weight.

We can and should learn the lessons that Arnold is telling us about. from him. If we ignore everything else about who he is and concentrate on who we are, we will find it easier to make our own way in the world. Now, I am not Arnie. Nor am I you. You are not me, or your neighbour for that matter. . So whether you or I succeed or fail is all down to you and me. No one else can make you successful. Just you.

In business, as in life, we all need to do certain things. Have goals to aspire to. be prepared to fail, yet never give up. We must ignore those who try and put us down. And we must always give something back.

In this video, Arnie talks about the six things we all need to do in order to both live a great life personally and in our business. To  succeed at doing both.

For those who watched the video without having a pencil and paper handy, here are Arnie’s 6 Steps to Success

  • Trust yourself.  Be confident.

  • Break the rules. Think outside the box

  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Its how we learn.

  • Don’t listen to the naysayers. What do they know?

  • Work your butt off . (The most important one)

  • Give something back. You’ve received. Now you give.

But Arnie, being Arnie, demonstrates a seventh thing that he does. That we should too. Something we, too, should never fail to do. We should never take ourselves too seriously. In all of his movies, Arnie never misses an opportunity to take the mickey out of himself and his circumstances at the time. Watch any of his movies and it becomes obvious. A scene here and there that is just a little over the top. A little larger than life. He does it in this video when he is talking about our sleep patterns. Where he tells those of us who sleep 8 hours a night how to do that just that tiny bit differently differently if we want to be successful.

Now its your turn. what will you do? Will you keep on doing the same old things?

Or will you step up to the plate and really GO FOR IT?

you’ve  got some tips on ways to success, please add them to the comments below. I’d love to read them.

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