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Experience Has Many Faces

Over time I will be adding lots of tips and suggestions about ways we older folks can do a few things that will make our retirement finances a bit easier.

Understand?It’s difficult these days to switch from earning a full time (or even a part time income) to not earning at all. Its a bit scary to realise that whatever you have accumulated is a definite amount that will only get smaller over the years as we use it to live. Not to ignore the way that inflation will also savage it.

I’ve said that I am a retired CPA. And business adviser. I purchased my original CPA practice back in 1979. I’ve been running it ever since. In 40 or so years, I’ve learned lots about and for me. I’ve also helped hundreds, probably thousands of people to achieve their business goals.

In my 40 years as a CPA and business adviser, I have worked with and helped people in a wide range of businesses and occupations. What occupations? Too many to list them all, but here are a few…

  • Storekeepers in a wide range of retail and wholesale categories.
  • Farmers of various descriptions
  • Tradespeople in all the major trades
  • Medical professionals
  • Engineers and mechanics
  • I have also given advice to those who were or wanted to create and hold investment and property portfolios
  • I have given advice on best practice for the ownership and operation of the business structure itself.
  • I have performed valuations of businesses
  • Then advised the business owners about effective ways to either pass the businesses on to the  next generation or to sell it in the most advantageous way
  • I have many times been asked by clients to prepare instructions to members of the legal profession
  • I spent a few years as a lecturer at tertiary education institutions presenting courses on business establishment.
  • Finally, I have always been “there” for those who needed a friend in a crisis.

Time to pass this knowledge on.

I also love to help people when I can. So this page is going to be a helping out page. That fits very well with my core values. I’ll mention them again in a bit.

Preparation is KeyYes, I need to supplement my available funds too, so sometimes I will be making things available that will have some cost to you. Not always, just now and again.

But every time I do offer something that comes with a cost, you can be sure that it will be of extremely high value. My core values will not allow me to do otherwise.

If you, yourself, need any help or advice about ways that you can supplement your income in or for your retirement, please send me a message.

I am also building my new website as fast as I can. Once it is finished, you will find a whole lot of articles, reports, videos and training courses about a whole range of business ideas and topics.

Included will be training on how to actually set up and manage your own Internet based or “real world” business. In retirement, we none of us want to spend every day “at the coal-face”. So the businesses I will be talking about will be ones that you can work at for as few or as many hours you like.

Again, thanks for liking my page.

You will help me to grow my page if you will be kind enough to tell all your friends about it for me. Thanks