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Don’t Plan to Fail in Your Business

We all know lots about the will to win, the will to succeed, the will to become a millionaire. But what do we know about the will to fail

The will to fail? What the hell is that about, you ask. Who would have a will to fail? OK lets think for a moment. About the laws of physics. And the law of attraction. . Both are about the same thing in this respect. The law of Isaac Newton tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. OK, that sounds fair, doesn’t it? Now the law of attraction tells us that we will get whatever we ask for. That if we ask to become a millionaire and we believe that, it will happen to us. On then other hand, if our thoughts are all about negative outcomes, that will happen.

Just think for a moment about how we sometimes act.

Some want the world to do it for them. That’s failing. When we want something done, do we pitch in and do it ourselves? Or do we expect someone else to do it for us? There is a breakdown in the bus service. Do we stand and whine? Or do we start walking?   Do we expect the world to change? Or do we change ourselves?  I recently wanted to send a text message to a client. I couldn’t because he didn’t have a mobile phone that would sent and receive sms or text messages. What-tha?  I phone the guy up and he said that he didn’t understand new-fangled gizmos so he just ignored them. It didn’t occur to his that he was risking his like because emergency services for one couldn’t locate him. His old mobile phone didn’t have GPS tracking either. Living in the dark ages? Yes he is. A great example of wanting the world to be as he wants it.

A will to fail because things aren’t as they are wanted

Then there’s what is called the tall poppy syndrome. That’s where someone excels at sport or in making money while another person whines about how they are “lucky ducks”. That’s failing.  When Martina Hingis was winning Grand Slam tennis matches at Wimbledon and elsewhere, lots of people were to be heard grumbling that she must have been “lucky” to be such a brilliant player. The hell she was just lucky. She started playing in and winning tennis matches when she was only 4 years old. So winning Grand Slams wasn’t luck. It was guts, determination, and plain hard work. And the grumblers? They were failing because they didn’t want to put in the hard yards necessary for them  to succeed.

Next let’s consider the “victims”. You know some of these, I’ll bet. They are the ones who miss out on winning the Lotto by only one number. Or who are passed over for promotion. The boss’s pet was given the cushy position. That’s failing. I’ll concede that not winning Lotto may be luck. But it could just as easily been the Law of Attraction working just as they wanted. They may have been thinking their usual negative thoughts and got what they were asking for. Its likely they were passed over for promotion because they were not prepared to go the extra mile and do whatever was necessary to actually earn the promotion. No thought that maybe, just maybe, the boss’s pet was given the position due to their skill and work ethic.

Finally let’s think about the perennial student. But the person is constantly upgrading their education and skills. Maybe so. But why are they doing that. What is that was just the outer veneer. what if, deep down, the person was actually running away? From what, is the obvious question. Isn’t it just possible that the person has deep seated personality issues. They were spoiled as a child and don’t want to give up that being pampered feeling. If they have to face life as an adult, they think they won’t be able to handle the pressure. So they stay at “school” where they were safe and cared for.That’s failing.  Not possible? Yes it is definitely possible.

I’m not saying that gaining additional education is wrong. Far from it. I did it myself. In the mid 90′s I sold my business and didn’t have any definite plans. So I went back to University to update my qualifications, which by that time were becoming dated. While studying full time for  a double degree, I also managed to generate the framework of a brand new business. Once I graduated, I stopped studying and used my newly gained knowledge. I began serious work on my new business and made a success of it. I tell you this not to make myself look good. Rather to indicate the difference between obtaining additional education for a purpose and using it to escape reality.

There are other versions of the will to fail. But I think I’ve made my point. we need a positive will, not a negative one. The thing is that the negative will is all too often masked by something else and we don’t see it for what it is.

Please think about where you are in your life and in your business. What will are you pursuing. I do hope its not the will to fail.

Please do  let me have your comments below.   I really do want to know what you think. It will help me more than you can imagine. As I work to make Small Business Elementals a happening place to be.


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