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5 Steps to Get Your Website Ready to Celebrate Christmas With your Customers

My question is: Does Christmas Come to Your Website?

Here are My 5 Steps to Get Your Website Ready to Celebrate Christmas With your Customers

And 7 Ways to Get the Christmas Bell Ringing in Your Website

Are you looking forward to the Christmas season?  For many online entrepreneurs, it’s a great time to increase their bottom line. Yes, it can be a hectic, exciting, and very busy season. To make the most of this opportunity, your first best step is to make sure your website is ready for the Christmas sales.

Here’s a few suggestions on how to get your website ready for the Christmas Sales

Step #1: Holiday Keyword Research

A great first move to get your website ready for the holidays is to optimize it for the holidays. Make sure that you include some words that connect the festival season with whatever it is that your website is promoting. These days it’s fairly easy to find the several words they will do this for you. Think about what it is that you are selling and what kinds of words your prospective buyers will be typing in to the search engines to find you. Then incorporate these keywords in your content, linking strategies and HTML coding. You might even be able to find a way to include your keywords within whatever it is that you have decided to do to make your website itself celebrate Christmas. Make sure that you do this subtly. Otherwise you will make it sound like a cheesy sales pitch.

Step #2: Add some Christmas cheer to your website.

In addition to adding holiday products and promotions, consider adding holiday graphics too. This will help your website visitors get into the holiday spirit. If you look around there are countless numbers of banners and other graphics that you can obtain quickly and cheaply. Put them on the website even in in a random manner. Maybe even you can pick up a simple little plugin that plays a Christmas jingle.

Step #3: Never forget that it is your customer who is important.

Make sure that you provide them with maximum value. Always enhance your customer’s experience. Remember it’s your Unique Value Proposition that counts with your customers.

These days your buyers only give any website about 2 to 3 seconds to grab their attention. Don’t waste this vital time. Give your holiday shoppers every reason to stay at your website now.  And then come back often. Make sure all your links are complete; all your graphics load quickly. Check that all your products are easy to access and quick to download.

If you sell products, make sure you give your visitors user-friendly search options so they can find what they need immediately. Add some extra pages if you need to. It is essential that you make sure your website is a happy place. That it is pleasant to look at and easy to move around in. In particular, make the action of making a purchase and getting past the checkout as smooth as possible.

Step #4: Check that your sales process software will support you? 

How does your shopping cart software serve you without any glitches? Will it handle an increase in traffic?  Can it handle any special promotions you may have created for the holiday season? Does it allow you to include a Christmas bonus with particular sales? What about your computer server?  Carry out a detailed review of all your supporting systems. Make sure they and your computer software are ready to step up to the challenge of the Christmas season.

Step #5: Focus on transparency

Today’s customers are perceptive. Today the scammers and other snake oil salesmen are in the past. Selling over the Internet has been the norm for over a decade. All over the world, people apply the same personal reviewing process to their online shopping experience as they do in a traditional bricks and mortar store. They’re careful to shop only with retailers who provide them with a positive customer experience. They seek out retailers who go the extra mile to do whatever is necessary to protect and respect their customers.

Step#6: Be Authentic

Carry out a detailed physical inspections and review of all of your policies and procedures. Be certain that your sales clerks are fully trained in all aspects of their work. Ensure that they are themselves ready to take their part in the festivities. If you want them to add a personal Christmas wish as they serve their customers and make sure you tell them that you want them to do so. Don’t just expect your sales clerks to read your mind.

Make sure your policies and procedures are easy to find and understand. Take the time to publish your privacy statements and make certain that your customers are aware of any terms and conditions involved in their transactions.

Customers expect retailers to be real people. Sales transactions today need to be transparent and authentic. Make sure that everything your business is doing in its transactions with its customer’s meet generally accepted business guidelines.

If your business is subject to any form of government regulations make sure that you have checked and allowed for any variations in those regulations that maybe temporarily enforced in the Christmas and other holiday seasons. On your website include public statements of your policies in relation to privacy as well as returns on sales.

As I write this post, Christmas is less than a month away. So time is of the essence. Your first and potentially most effective strategy to capitalize on the Christmas Season, is to make sure your website is ready for some increased visitor action. Take the time now to get your website ready. Then you can enjoy the holiday season knowing profits are rolling in and business is booming.

Grab your pencil and writing pad grab a Christmas hat and put it on your head.

Then take a detailed look at everything to do with your business and your website. Think of it in the same way as your customers do. Is this the right place to go to buy my most favorite person their Christmas gift of a lifetime? If it isn’t, start making the changes that need to be made so that it is. And don’t stop until your website really is the place to go.

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