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Core Values

With the rise of the internet many businesses have been able to reach customers that previously would have been impossible before the “WorldWideWeb-www”.

3d people and symbol Internet

So what are my core values? These are my personal values that I must adhere to in any and all decisions I make in my life. Here they are…

My faith in my God is my primary guide. I do nothing that I do not believe will satisfy my guide.

I am a generous, empathetic and loving friend. I guess that sort of follows on from my first core value.

My passion is to help people where I can. This generally takes the form of giving those who ask the help, direction, and advice they may need at any time to achieve their own goals and aspirations. Again, this follows on from my first two values.

And finally… Money… money  is important to me. Yes, I value money as much as anyone else. Yet I list it as my final core value. Because, again, it follows from my first two values. I do not pursue money for its own sake. I couldn’t do that and remain true to my first two values.

For me, I need and value money for the opportunities it brings me. Usually to continue my passion to help others.