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Don’t Plan to Fail in Your Business

We all know lots about the will to win, the will to succeed, the will to become a millionaire. But what do we know about the will to fail The will to fail? What the hell is that about, you ask. Who would have a will to fail? OK lets think for a moment. About the laws of physics. And the law of attraction. . Both are about the same thing in this respect. The law of Isaac Newton tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. OK, that sounds fair, doesn't it? Now the law of attraction tells us that we will get whatever we ask for. That if we ask to become a millionaire and we believe that, it will happen to us. On then other hand, if our thoughts are all about Read More

What’s Ahead of You? Nothing? Or a Thriving Business?

Today, I was looking for something to share with you about being motivated. Yeah, I know we all need to be motivated. But procrastination is so much easier. Then so is being able to laze about. I love to laze around doing nothing. It's great fun. I'd do it all the time if I could. But I can't. Why, you ask? The answer to that is simple enough. I also love to eat. I love to travel. I love to live in a nice home. Yes., I can do that easily enough. Because I have set up a stream of income that comes in whether I work or not. And you can do the same. It doesn't matter whether you are 26 or 66. Just starting out or retired. The opportunities are all still there. if you look for them. Read More

In Business does Sportsmanship Overcome Dream?

While looking for a motivational video that points up a business lesson to add here, I came across this one. Here we see a young woman who was facing her last chance to achieve a dream she had. She was on the way to achieving her dream when disaster struck. Then two other young women, opponents to this time, stepped up and sacrificed their own dreams to help the fist young lady achieve  hers. These three y0ung ladies are fantastic examples of how true sportsmanship is demonstrated. . We can all learn from them. In business and in life.   Please let me have your comments about whether or not you'd be prepared to give up your dreams to help someone else. I like to think I would. But if I'm honest, I think it would be a hard Read More