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Expand Your Opportunities by Thinking “Outside Your 10 Foot Circle”

I wasn't really planning on writing another post about the 10 foot circle concept but then I got to thinking. Have you ever seen or heard of some great idea or method and clapped your hand to your forehead and groaned,  “Why the heck didn't I think of that?” I can just about guarantee that you have. And more than once, too. Everyone has at some point in their lives. So you are no pilgrim, my friend.  We have all  recognized a great idea for its value and for it's innovative method or concept.  and And we've definitely wished that we'd thought of it first. The simple truth is, you will  have great ideas of your own.  Pretty much every day. we just need to capture them somehow. More importantly, you will see things that you can change and improve. Read More

What’s Outside Your 10 Foot Circle?

As we grow older and start realising that we are fast getting to the stage when we can no longer do what we did back in the day, we can easily stop looking very far beyond what is familiar.  All too often, we start doing this to ourselves far too early. What a waste that is? A psychologist friend of mine told me  that the average person lives their entire life only looking at what's going on within 10 feet of where they are. My initial response to that statement was, as you can imagine, "bunkum". No one lives like that. The challenge to me was immediate. He asked me a simple question. "what's at the top of that tree?" The terrible truth was that I couldn't tell him. Come to think of it, I didn't even know the tree Read More

Hard Business Decisions Need Hard Copies

As I was writing this post my wife received a telephone call from her sister. Her sister was quite upset because when she picked up her mobile phone to call my wife couldn't do so because her provider’s network had crashed. My sister-in-law was forced to locate an old paper version of an address book (remember those?) to locate my wife's phone number to call her. Only a couple of weeks ago one of the major cellphone providers entire network went down for about 18 hours. Everyone relying on that particular provider was screwed. None had access to any form of mobile phone or Internet service. What a nightmare for the provider and all of their customers. Imagine the damage that was done, not only to the users of the service but to be provider itself. Like all providers it Read More