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What’s Outside Your 10 Foot Circle?

As we grow older and start realising that we are fast getting to the stage when we can no longer do what we did back in the day, we can easily stop looking very far beyond what is familiar.  All too often, we start doing this to ourselves far too early. What a waste that is? A psychologist friend of mine told me  that the average person lives their entire Read More

Hard Business Decisions Need Hard Copies

As I was writing this post my wife received a telephone call from her sister. Her sister was quite upset because when she picked up her mobile phone to call my wife couldn’t do so because her provider’s network had crashed. My sister-in-law was forced to locate an old paper version of an address book (remember those?) to locate my wife’s phone number to call her. Only a couple of Read More

5 Steps to Get Your Website Ready to Celebrate Christmas With your Customers

My question is: Does Christmas Come to Your Website? Here are My 5 Steps to Get Your Website Ready to Celebrate Christmas With your Customers And 7 Ways to Get the Christmas Bell Ringing in Your Website Are you looking forward to the Christmas season?  For many online entrepreneurs, it’s a great time to increase their bottom line. Yes, it can be a hectic, exciting, and very busy season. To Read More

Business Needs a USP?… Or is that a UVP?

Everywhere we go  we come across people telling us that we need to have a USP or Unique Selling Proposition for our business. But just what do they, or we, mean by that. Why does  the way we sell things need to be unique. well, there’s lots of answers to that question, I guess. Lets break the phrase down into its individual words and see what that might tell us. Read More

Don’t Plan to Fail in Your Business

We all know lots about the will to win, the will to succeed, the will to become a millionaire. But what do we know about the will to fail The will to fail? What the hell is that about, you ask. Who would have a will to fail? OK lets think for a moment. About the laws of physics. And the law of attraction. . Both are about the same Read More

Why Do Small Businesses Close? – No Planning

In yesterday’s post we looked at the three things that the Australian Securities and Investment Commission considered to be the main reasons why small businesses do not succeed in an all too vast number of cases. In that post I talked about in one of the reasons being that many small businesses don’t maintain adequate or sometimes any records at all. Today I intend to look at the second reason Read More