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Traditional, Online and Internet Businesses Have to Stack Up Profitably

My name is John Harmer and I have been an accountant and business adviser for many years in the offline world . Over the last few years I decided to take these skills and adapt them for people who worked and operated within the internet market-place as I saw there was a huge unmet need. The failure rates of traditional businesses are extremely high, but when I looked at the online arena I saw the failure rates were even worse. The truth is, this does not have to be the case.

A lot of people rush into businesses blind. Once they have jumped in with both feet they can often have rude awakenings. I set up John Harmer Online to help give you the best chance possible for success.

I believe that with the right support, coaching and structure you will increase your chance of success by over 1000%. Yes One Thousand Percent!

Increase SalesIf we are able to give you the right skills at the right time of your business development and you take our coaching you will receive a competitive edge  that will allow you to excel in your chosen field.

And I mentioned that my passion is to help other business owners, both offline and online, to succeed in the business they are operating. Or plan to start up.

One thing I didn’t mention before is that I have very often involve myself in the activities of the people I have advised. For example, I owned a small farm for a number of years so I could gain an understanding of the how  farmer viewed their business. It worked very well as a business strategy. I could “speak the language” so to say.

This was not the only time I have done that. Why bother, you ask? I do it so I can somehow think like my client or customer does. I need to understand his or her “why”.

Why do I tell you all this. Simple. Being a business coach or mentor I can only survive when there is trust. Trust on both sides. It is only when we really know and understand each other that we can go forward.

Right now, you are reading this and thinking, “how can this guy help me? “. That’s a really good question. So what’s the answer?

My answer is that I really do want to help you succeed. But at what? That’s the question I can’t actually answer just yet. I can only answer a question that I have been asked.  So I ask you.Have been thinking about how I can find out the questions that might be running through your head about now? Can I help you with…?

In any business, the day to day operations cover a myriad of things. From what to sell then how to market it, then to how do I record the sale and inventory purchase. The list is endless. Yet some things come up time and time again. I just need to know what those recurring niggles are for you.

Here’s a  list of just some things that I had to deal with in my own business each and every day…

  • What services or products will I be selling today?
  • Are there any new ones today? Why?
  • Have I discarded any old one today? Why?
  • Do I have enough  information or inventory to satisfy my clients or customers?
  • Is my team trained well enough to satisfy the needs of those clients or customers?
  • Is my business plan still on track?
  • Is my marketing plan getting me the results I need? If not what am I doing about it?
  • Is my recording system up to the task?
  • Do I need to worry about reviewing my business plan?
  • Does my website attract new clients or customers? If not what am I doing about it?
  • Are my banking arrangements sound? Can they be improved? How?
  • How much money do I need to earn today to at least cover my regular expenses?

As I said, the list is endless. Do I know the answers to those, and many more , questions? Yes I do. Do I know them for you and your business? Not yet. But I can work them out once I know your question. AND why you need your question answered.

So how am I proposing to find out your question?  By asking you, is the most straightforward way.

The business market-place is changing. Today, more older people than younger are still joining the business owning world. So if you are a baby boomer thinking about starting your own business then you are not alone. According to a statistic I have just read, there are three times more baby boomers starting or buying businesses that there are people aged under 25.

Do the baby boomers know more than the younger ones. In life skills almost certainly.  Are they more likely to succeed? I truly don’t know. What I can say is that the reasons why the older generation are starting their own business is often so that they can share their knowledge and skills. Only this morning, I had coffee with my friend Ian. Now Ian is an 86 year old retired carpenter. Yet he is still gathering information for himself and others. He was asked by a younger (Neil is only  64 years old) friend of ours what a particular wood-working tool was used for. Ian went to the Internet (remember Ian is 86 years old) and found the information our other friend needed.

Is Ian alone in using the Internet? No he’s not. Again, according to statistics, the older generation are by far the single biggest group on Facebook. You may not know that because they keep to themselves. But they are there. With a body of knowledge and skills that is unbelievable.

Just think about the things the baby boomers have invented that we take as common-place. The original colour telvision, computers, teabags, acrylic paint,space shuttles. They even put the first man on the moon.

And many of them are, as I said, now starting their own businesses online and offline to share that knowledge and those skills.

I think there would be many more who would consider doing the same if there was someone they could go to for information and advice  about what is needed to set up their own business. But who to ask? Well, me for a start. I’ve got the information and advice anyone wanting to start or continue a business needs.

Do you need to change your existing accountant. Absolutely not. That would be completely impractical. But having me to ask for advice? That’s a whole ‘nother matter.

As Richard Grehalva writes in his book, (“The Boomerpreneur Revolution”),  When the student is ready the teacher appears”.

Well, I am here for you to ask. All you need to do is ask me your questions. Am I blowing my own trumpet on this. Yes I am. If I don’t, who will?

In fact, I’ll go a big step further on that. Once you ask your questions, I will put together a short video or report that will fully explain what it is that you need to know. All I ask is that you tell me why you need to know. If I don’t know that, it is a bit difficult to give you information that is spot on.

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